Key to columns in Course Preferences Report

In the course preferences report (and on CourseLink in the student details), the ‘prerequisites met’ column may be populated with one of the following values: P – Pass (prerequisites met) F – Fail (prerequisites not met) N/A – Not Available (prerequisite checking is not available for courses which use the […]

CourseLink update

Unfortunately CourseLink remains unavailable despite our IT provider doubling the server resources. Our IT team and service providers continue to investigate other solutions urgently. Unfortunately we have not been provided with a specific time for restoration of full access as investigations continue. We will post a further update as soon […]

CourseLink update

We have been advised by IT services that the difficulties in accessing CourseLink are expected to be resolved by 5:40pm. We will post again if there are further updates, and again apologise for this significant disruption.

CourseLink issues

We are aware of difficulty in accessing CourseLink at the moment and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience at this critical time. Our IT team are working on the issue as a priority and we will update the blog when we have further updates.