Bulk ATAR statements for offshore campuses

Schools offering the VCE at offshore campuses may order ATAR statements in bulk for students at these campuses, provided that the quantity of students is greater than 10. For more information, and the order form, please refer to the Forms page on the Careers Practitioners Website. Note that the order […]

Documentation reminders

Statements of support Where a statement of support is required for SEAS or Scholarships, it must follow the guidelines outlined in the Evidence section of the VTAC website and outline the educational impact of the situation or condition. These documents are not a suitable replacement for a statement of support […]

Short survey: admissions and application terminology – please complete by Friday

As part of the ongoing Admissions Transparency Implementation Plan, VTAC is providing feedback to the Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group on their proposed common terminology for Australian tertiary admissions. We would like to include any feedback from careers practitioners on the proposed new terminology. Please complete a short survey asking […]