Supporting documents for SEAS and Scholarships

In the VTAC account this year, all supporting document submissions for SEAS and Scholarships are now in their own section of the VTAC account: From the “Submit SEAS/Scholarships Documents” page, applicants can upload files, generate online links to collect statements of support, print templates for written statements of support, and […]

Access to ATAR profiles

As explained at the VTAC briefings, ATAR profiles are currently available as a link from each course entry. This is because of the requirement to include direct applications as well as those made through VTAC. VTAC is seeking approval to display, in addition to the link which satisfies the HESP […]

2018 list of early closing courses

Certain courses list an early closing date in the course information published on CourseSearch. These courses cannot be added to preference lists once the early closing date has passed. In addition to the statement in each course entry, a list of these courses is available below for careers practitioners:

Statements of support for SEAS Category 3

All applicants applying for SEAS Category 3 (Disability or medical condition) are required to provide an impact statement and statement of support. As stated on the VTAC website, the statement of support should be from a health practitioner. Health¬†practitioners include, but are not limited to, GPs, physiotherapists,¬†psychologists, counsellors in the […]