Special Consideration (SEAS)

Advance notice: SEAS category order change

For 2017-2018 applications, the order of SEAS categories will change as follows: Category 1: Personal information and location Category 2: Disadvantaged financial background Category 3: Disability or medical condition Category 4: Difficult circumstances (i.e. difficult circumstances has dropped down to become the last category.) This change means that difficult circumstances, […]

FAQ: SEAS closing date 5pm tonight, Tuesday 4 October

Welcome back after the break. A reminder that SEAS applications and supporting documentation are due by 5pm tonight, Tuesday 4 October 2016. Here are some common scenarios to assist with any last-minute troubleshooting: A student who has experienced disadvantage has not yet applied for SEAS Apply now. The deadline of […]

SEAS supporting documentation resources

Information sheet for providers of supporting statements Our one-page information sheet is designed to be provided by applicants to those who are being asked to provide a supporting statement for a SEAS or Scholarships application. The information sheet provides context on why the statement is needed, and guidance on what […]