Selection Data (Clearly-In)

Access to ATAR profiles

As explained at the VTAC briefings, ATAR profiles are currently available as a link from each course entry. This is because of the requirement to include direct applications as well as those made through VTAC. VTAC is seeking approval to display, in addition to the link which satisfies the HESP […]

ATAR Profile fact sheet available

As announced at VTAC’s Careers Practitioner Briefings in 2017, new data has been published as required by the Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group (IWG). For courses which made selection decisions based wholly or partly on the ATAR, the ATAR profile will be visible in CourseSearch. Note that the IWG has […]

Where to find 2016 selection data

Selection data from Round 1 is available in CourseSearch on the VTAC website. Where selection data is available for a course, it will be displayed as part of the course entry. Selection data is tied to a specific course code, so please ensure you are reading the data for the […]