SEAS Category 4 update: students affected by 2019-2020 summer bushfires

Severe bushfire activity in summer has had significant impact on students at some Victorian secondary schools. Schools in affected regions are likely to have many Year 12 students applying for SEAS this year in relation to the bushfires, for reasons including evacuations, property damage or loss, and resulting disruptions at school.

Due to the severe distress experienced by those in bushfire-affected regions, Year 12 students affected by bushfires will not be required to write an impact statement when applying for SEAS Category 4 (Difficult Circumstances) this year. A supporting statement discussing the impact from a responsible person, such as a staff member at the school, is still required.

Students affected by bushfires still need to submit a SEAS application. Under Category 4 (Difficult Circumstances) students should answer ‘yes’ to the following question:

At this point students will be advised that they do not need to submit an impact statement in relation to the impact of bushfires. The option to write an impact statement remains available, and can be used if the student wishes to have any other difficult circumstances considered in this category.

Questions about this process? Submit them via our online form and we will endeavour to answer them in the briefings and/or an FAQ document.

VTAC gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the East Gippsland Careers Network in providing feedback on how applicants affected by the bushfires can best be supported through the SEAS process this year.

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