New online resources available

During the school holidays, new VTAC online resources were published to replace our previous printed publications. These resources can be accessed from the “A guide for…” tile on the VTAC homepage:

Year 10 Guide

The VTAC Year 10 Guide assists students in choosing senior secondary studies for the right reason. It contains information about researching tertiary education, choosing senior secondary subjects, and how the ATAR is calculated.

ATAR rules and restrictions for current Year 10 students (i.e. those receiving an ATAR in two years’ time) will be available in the VTAC Guide to the ATAR and Scaling each year.

Year 11 Guide

The VTAC Year 11 Guide provides information about researching tertiary education, choosing year 12 studies, and understanding the ATAR.

Year 12 Guide

The VTAC Year 12 Guide provides information about researching tertiary courses, including meeting course requirements, and a guide through the stages of the VTAC application process, including applying for courses, SEAS, and Scholarships.

Printable guides

Feedback from some schools indicated that their communities prefer printed information to online resources. We have produced two printable PDF guides as a companion to the above resources:

  • The VTAC Guide to Researching Tertiary Education: covers the benefits of tertiary education, course research tools and resources, questions you should ask, researching careers and finding a 30 minute mentor, understanding the types of tertiary course, how to find eligibility and course requirements, researching prerequisites and selection requirements, preparing for interviews, auditions and folios, planning pathways, researching campus life, and researching the costs associated with tertiary education.
  • The VTAC Guide to Applying in 2020: covers each step of the application and offer process.

Schools wishing to use printed resources can print and distribute these guides on paper.

Prerequisites 2023

The Prerequisites 2023 PDF is available to download from the Year 10 Guide and will shortly be available in the Prerequisite and Course Explorer tool.

The Herald Sun will print a ‘VCE Planner’ supplement on Tuesday 21 July which will contain information from the VTAC Year 10 Guide and a printed prerequisite listing. Schools wishing to order bulk copies can do so using the Herald Sun order form, with orders due by 5pm tomorrow, Tuesday 14 July. (Note: VTAC staff cannot provide technical support for the Herald Sun order form. Please contact the Herald Sun directly if support is needed.)


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