VTAC live webinars at VCE & Beyond Expo this weekend

As part of the VCE & Beyond virtual expo this weekend, VTAC will present live webinars at 10:45am on Saturday and Sunday as part of the seminar program. Expo attendees can click on the ‘Auditorium’ section to open the webinar schedule and join the live webinars. In addition to the webinars, live chat with VTAC staff from 10am-2pm is also available by visiting the VTAC stand in the ‘Resource Hub’.

For more information about the virtual expo, which is free to attend, visit the VCE & Beyond Expo website or refer to the information circulated in the 11 June CEAV eNews.

We are also providing direct links below which students and parents can access even if they are not registered for the expo. Advance registration is not required; students and parents can just click on the relevant Zoom webinar link below to join at 10:45am either day:

Saturday 20 June (10:45am)
Sunday 21 June (10:45am)

These webinars run for approx. 30 minutes and provide a brief introduction to the VTAC process and the ATAR and scaling for students and parents interested in information at this time of year. We will be running more detailed webinars specifically about 2020 applications for students and parents from late July onwards, closer to the opening of VTAC applications. Dates and information about these sessions will be posted to the Careers Practitioners Blog shortly.

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