Feedback on impact of COVID-19 disruptions

The disruption to normal student learning processes caused by the COVID-19 situation has been immense. VTAC is working with tertiary institutions to ensure that the disruptions experienced by year 12 students are fairly reflected in the tertiary application process. As part of this work, we are seeking feedback from schools on the different impacts experienced by their students to ensure that these are reflected in the COVID-19 special consideration process.

We would greatly appreciate any information you can provide via the COVID-19 impacts form. The switch to remote learning has of course caused some disruption to all year 12 students, however we are interested in ensuring that we understand the nuance of how this has impacted students differently. We are especially interested in hearing about any COVID-19-related issues that may be specific to your school community or particular groups of students but which may not be reflected in the wider population and media coverage.

If you would like to provide any comments, please do so via the COVID-19 impacts form by Monday 11 May.

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