Joint national statement on tertiary entry for 2020 year 12 students

The Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC), of which VTAC is a member, has today released the following national statement in relation to tertiary entry for year 12 students.

ACTAC logo

27 APRIL 2020


The disruption caused to 2020 Year 12 students by COVID-19 has led many to question whether entry to university will be different for them compared to previous years.

The Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC), comprising admissions centres across Australia, has released the following information to help dispel any confusion for students and parents:

      • All tertiary admissions centres, universities, and education authorities are working together to ensure a pathway to university for those currently studying Year 12.
      • The ATAR will be calculated in all states and territories as in previous years.
        In Queensland, the introduction of the ATAR for the 2020 cohort will continue as planned.
      • The ATAR is widely used across Australia because it is a fair and nationally consistent tool for university entrance, in terms of both allocating places and predicting readiness for university study. Any changes to a state’s examination and assessment processes in response to COVID-19 can be accommodated within the ATAR framework.
      • As in previous years, other pathways that exist alongside the ATAR can be used by universities. For example:
          • The use of other criteria such as interviews, tests and portfolios for specific courses
          • Special entry schemes for specific groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
          • The consideration of Year 11 results as part of some early offer schemes in NSW, ACT, and Tasmania
      • These pathways are in addition to the ATAR; they do not replace the ATAR.
      • While universities have autonomy in their admissions processes and may adopt specific schemes in response to COVID-19, there is already a clear and nationally consistent process for Year 12 students that uses the ATAR as the primary basis of admission.
      • Information about the admissions criteria for courses and universities will be available on tertiary admission centre websites by August. This will include final details of any special COVID-19 admission schemes that are offered.

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