Easter update

Dear careers practitioners,

We hope you have had as restorative a break as possible under current circumstances. New information about the COVID-19 outbreak and impacts on education is emerging rapidly. We continue to update our dedicated COVID-19 updates page on the VTAC website as new information becomes available and is confirmed. If there are major updates to announce (e.g. dates), these will also be posted to this blog.

VTAC will be closed for the Easter holiday from Friday 10 April through to Tuesday 14 April, reopening to the public on Wednesday 15 April. We wish you a restful Easter weekend at home, and send our best wishes for the start of next term in the new world of remote learning.

Due to a shortage of the equipment required to answer our phone queues offsite, the main VTAC phone number is currently answered as a recorded message only. For assistance, applicants can email us via our website or their VTAC account, and careers practitioners can email Schools Liaison as usual, or use our temporary mobile contact during business hours if needed: 0408 480 344.

Best wishes,
The VTAC Schools Liaison team

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