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Dear careers practitioners,

I just wanted to thank our valued school based partners for all their support throughout the 2019/2020 selection cycle. The inaugural December round, for domestic VCE and QCE applicants, enabled some 36,004 school leavers to have the certainty of an offer before the close of business 2019. The peace of mind granted to eligible applicants who received a December offer was greatly appreciated.

This year I do hope to meet with as many of you as I can and trust I will learn much from your lived experience of guiding students, principals and parents through the VTAC system.

Each year we undertake extensive market research with applicants and schools in gauging their user experience completing and submitting their VTAC application, with a focus on scholarships, SEAS, the course application and CourseSearch. This information goes toward better informing our practice and systems.

From 2020 we will no longer produce a VTAC Year 10 Guide or Year 11 and 12 Guide in print or online. We will be working on our website to enhance the experience for both applicants and schools. The information previously contained in our printed publications is accessible on the VTAC site and in our fact sheets and other online publications. Additional career exploration resources are available from the CEAV and the Department of Education and Training.

Feedback from applicants and schools tells us that young people are increasingly less likely to use printed publications or read long articles, and this shift away from printed, long-form resources allows us to better engage with our applicants on their terms. This change also addresses environmental concerns raised by schools in relation to the printing and distribution of paper publications.

I wish you a successful year and look forward to working with you in 2020.

Tamara Barth
Director, External Relations

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  1. I am a bit sad to hear about the cessation of the 2 publications. I agree young people do not read large amounts of print, but these could be available as fact sheets or similar, as parents DO read them, especially the Year 10 guide. Parents new to the system do like to have these resources, too. Year 12 need a ready-reckoner style publication, to quickly look up how to do things without having to log in and make the application and read the often complex instructions an the pages there. Students find that stressful! and parents cannot access it. It is even hard for CPs to access these screens quickly! I would need to take a screen shot of each screen in a demo…

    It places much greater emphasis on schools providing this info, and thus is a worry re quality control. I go back to VTAC publications when making my own presentations – for fact checking purposes.
    You might need to produce more of the excellent VTAC MEDIA VIDEOS (the animated ones) to replace the printed resources. However this is just one kind of resource with no detail!

  2. I find this very disappointing. It was the one place where students and parents could find everything. There is so much confusion created by bits and pieces of information it was great to have one ‘go to’ place . It was also a great class resources for lessons and introductions to VTAC.

  3. Hi Tamara,
    I hope this email finds you well and enjoying your transition to this new role. Congratulations by the way!
    I am hoping that I can be included in a focus group as there are significant but easily (I think) fixed problems with the way the information is sent to applicants once they pick interested courses on the coursesearch to investigate. Basically I find students not using the information due to lengthy and unreadable srolls of information sent to them.
    So I would relish the opportunity to make a change happen that so affects are effectiveness.

    Thank you

  4. Welcome Tamara! The introduction of the December round offers was certainly appreciated by my students and made for a busy, but rewarding end to the year. I wish to express concern over the removal of hard copy and electronic versions of the guides but appreciate there is a trend to digital content and I note that there is to be a update to the website to accommodate this. I am sure you will be consulting through the relevant stakeholders as you develop the new website. If you need any Careers Advisers or school students to help test out the enhancements and usability we would be more than willing to be involved at our school – we are not too far away.

  5. Hello Tamara,
    I am writing on behalf of the Geelong Career Teachers Association in response to the cessation of the VTAC guides. At our meeting on the 5th of March we discussed this as a group and there was a consensus that this would be a significant loss of quality information across the senior years but particularly for the Year 10’s. A Vox pop at the meeting confirmed that most schools in the Geelong region use the VTAC Year 10 guide prior to subject selection, as well as, using it as their prime source to explain the university application processes.
    Although there was general agreement that we should move away from paper copies we cannot understand why a digital copy would no longer be produced. We have checked out the alternate sites you recommended and found the information to be far less comprehensive and did not meet our requirements.
    Can this decision be reconsidered?

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