December offers now available on VTAC CourseLink

Offers made to domestic and international students in the December round are now available via VTAC CourseLink.

To access offer information, log in to CourseLink and select “December round Domestic” or “December round International” on the Offer Reports page to download a file of offers. Offer information is also visible in the Student Details screen and in the PDF Course Preferences report.

36,004 offers were made today to domestic students and 2,005 to international students. A list of participating courses and associated lowest selection ranks is available from the VTAC website. Change of preference reopens at 4pm today, with a deadline of 4pm, Friday 20 December for students who wish to change their preferences prior to the January round. More dates are available on the cut-down VTAC website, with the full VTAC website restored tomorrow morning.

Please note that the official release time to schools for all offer rounds is 5pm on the day of release to students, however where possible (as with today) we will release these earlier and advise schools via this blog.

Note for interstate and IB schools: only Victoria and Queensland year 12 results were released in time for consideration in this round. Students from all other states, and IB students, will receive their offers in the January round.

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