Using CourseLink after results release

Information about the release of the ATAR to Victorian secondary schools was emailed to Principals and CourseLink primary users on Monday 2 December. This information included details such as the release date and time. Strict terms and conditions apply to the use of this information.

After results are released via CourseLink, ATAR information will be visible in the Student Details and Course Preferences reports.

Downloading information

For an Excel download, use the download button on the Student Details report. For a PDF download listing one student per page with their preferences, use the download button on the Course Preferences report.

Please note that the behaviour of the download button may vary. At normal times, you will click on the button and see a message that your download is being generated (and you will be able to download this file from the Download Requests page). At peak times, report downloads have been pre-generated so that they will download immediately when you click the download button.

Prerequisite met information

Once results are released, the “prerequisite met” column on a student’s detailed profile will be populated for each course. You may see one of the following indicators in this column:

P – pass (the student meets prerequisites for this course)
F – fail (the student does not meet prerequisites for this course)
N/A – not available (prerequisite information is not provided on CourseLink for this course as it uses the CASPer test)
C – check (institutions will check if prerequisites are met for this course – this status is rare for current year 12 students but applies in some cases)


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