Request form for 2020 VTAC community information sessions

Each year, VTAC presents community information sessions hosted on request by secondary schools. The sessions provide an overview of the VTAC application process, including researching courses, submitting an application, SEAS, scholarships, offers and the ATAR.

Due to increasing demand for this service, we are now collecting requests for these information sessions earlier to ensure that we can fulfill as many requests as possible while integrating them into our schedule of briefings for careers practitioners.

If you would like to host a VTAC community information session at your school in July or August 2020, please complete the request form by Friday 29 November.

The booking conditions are:

  • More than one school must be involved. As a matter of policy, VTAC does not attend single-school events.
  • The event must be open to students from other schools, and members of the community considering a return to study. All schools involved are expected to promote the event. VTAC will also promote the event.
  • The date requested must not clash with key school events (e.g. parent/teacher interviews, school play, awards night)
  • The venue must be suitable for a presentation, have the facility for a PowerPoint presentation to be shown, and be equipped with a microphone (if needed)


Categories: Briefing Seminars

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