Reminder: SEAS and Scholarships deadline approaching

The deadline for SEAS and Scholarships applications is 5pm, this Friday 11 October 2019. All applications and supporting documents must be submitted by this time.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to check the status of their application and all supporting documents prior to the closing date. No late applications or document submissions are possible.

Applicants can check the status of their SEAS and Scholarships applications from within their VTAC account:

  • SEAS application: go to Special Consideration (SEAS) Application > SEAS receipt
  • Scholarships application: go to Scholarships Application > Scholarships receipt

The status of all supporting documentation provided is visible within the VTAC account on the Submit SEAS/Scholarships Documents page (screenshot below):

  • Uploaded documents: appear with the date and time of submission and images can be viewed
  • Hard copy documents: appear with the note “Scanned by VTAC” and the date and time of receipt (document preview not available)
  • Online statements: show the date and time of submission, and the name of the person who submitted the statement

Document status:

  • Accepted/Attached/Submitted – the document/statement has been added to the SEAS and/or Scholarship application
  • Rejected – the uploaded document has been reviewed and is illegible or does not meet the requirements (applicants are notified when documents are rejected)
  • Pending – the document has been uploaded successfully and will be reviewed by VTAC staff

Note: ‘Pending’ documents will continue to be reviewed by VTAC staff after the SEAS and Scholarships closing date. Applicants who are uploading documents at the last minute do not need to be concerned that the document status is still ‘pending’ at the deadline.

2 replies

  1. If a student is applying for a SEAS and is considering taking a Gap year will they still qualify for the SEAS if they take it up straight away i.e. 2020?
    Also do they have to declare it their application when applying for SEAS?

    • Hi David,

      SEAS is applied at the time of selection for courses. If the student is applying for courses in 2019, they will apply for SEAS in 2019 regardless of whether they intend to commence in 2020 or defer the offered course until 2021.


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