New CourseLink version released

We have released a new version of CourseLink with improvements to stability and display of information. To access, log in as usual with your username and password.

If your browser has cached the old version of CourseLink, you may see some display issues initially (e.g. columns not being aligned in the Student Details report). If you are seeing any display glitches, force your browser to refresh the page by pressing Ctrl-F5 and this should resolve the issue. Otherwise, clear your browser cache to ensure the new version is downloaded.

As part of this update, all CourseLink downloads are now queued to ensure system stability. You can request a download by using the same “Download” button as usual, and this report will then be generated in the background and made available on the new Download Requests page. You will also receive an email notification when the download is ready.

Categories: CourseLink (Schools)

2 replies

  1. Course link keeps asking me to be Assigned to a school – so cannot access courselink !

    How can I fix this ??

    Peter Bollard, Warrnambool College

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