New: December offers for domestic applicants

From this year onward, domestic applicants will have the opportunity to receive offers via the VTAC system in December, shortly after the ATAR is released.

The new December offer round for domestic year 12 applicants is in addition to the usual five offer rounds throughout January and February. This round provides domestic applicants with an additional opportunity to receive an offer and will provide certainty for many applicants about their future without the need to wait until mid-January.

The December round for domestic applicants will operate in a similar way to the existing December round for international applicants:

  • students will have a short time to finalise their preferences immediately following the release of the ATAR,
  • December offers will be released shortly after change of preference closes, and
  • change of preference will reopen immediately following the release of December offers, giving applicants another opportunity to change their preferences before the January round.

Which courses will make offers in December?

Participation in the December round is optional for courses. Not all courses will make offers at this time. A list of courses which make offers in the December round will be published on the VTAC website shortly after the release of the offers. Lowest selection rank information will also be published following the release of December offers.

Will all courses make offers in January as well?

Participation in the January offer round for domestic applicants remains compulsory for all courses, including those which make offers in December.

Which domestic applicants are eligible to receive a December offer?

In 2019, the December round for domestic applicants will include only current year 12 students from Victoria and Queensland. IB students and applicants from other states will not be included in this round due to results not being available in time. These students will not be disadvantaged as courses will reserve places for these applicants in the January round.

Will SEAS be considered for December offers?

Courses making offers in the December round will have full access to published adjustment factors such as SEAS and subject adjustments.

What do students need to know?

The basic message for students remains the same: finalise your preferences following the release of your ATAR to maximise your chance of the offer you want. The December round simply adds an additional opportunity for students to receive an offer. Receiving an offer in December does not affect their eligibility for later rounds: they will still be considered for any higher preferences in the January round (and can change preferences as usual).

Students will need to be advised of the key dates and deadlines below, noting that they will need to finalise their preferences slightly earlier (14 December) to take advantage of the December round but will now have slightly longer to change preferences for the January round (now closing on 20 December instead of the previously published 18 December).

VTAC will also communicate these messages directly to applicants and through social media awareness campaigns.

Key dates for December offers for domestic applicants

Thursday 12 December 2019 7am VCE Results and ATAR released to students
Saturday 14 December 2019 4pm Change of preference closes for year 12 VCE and QCE applicants for the December offer round
Wednesday 18 December 2019 2pm December offers released to applicants

4pm Change of preference reopens for domestic year 12 VCE and QCE applicants for the January offer round

Friday 20 December 2019 4pm Change of preference closes for January round (until short early January window)



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4 replies

  1. Please can you clarify: Students receive ATAR Thursday 12 Dec 7am. We can interview them and do COP with them Thurs & Fri 12 & 13th Dec. If we interview students on Monday & Tuesday 16 & 17th December, will we be locked out of changing preferences, during those days due to Dec offer round? If so, although you’ve ‘extended’ the Jan offer COP period, most schools close after Thursday 19th December. This means for me with 250 Yr 12 students, I have Thurs & Fri 12 & 13th Dec and Thursday 19th December to assist them all with COP? OR…will the COP system still be open for us when counselling Wed 18th Dec (i.e. can they change pref order that day), but will only affect Jan offers?

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Change of preference for VCE and QCE applicants will be closed between 4pm Saturday 14 December and 4pm Wednesday 18 December. Applicants can view their preferences via the VTAC account during this period but cannot make changes.

    You will still have access to CourseLink information during this period, so you can conduct interviews on the Monday and Tuesday, however students will need to enact any discussed preference changes once change of preference opens again.


    • Hi Belinda, change of preference doesn’t technically close during the ATAR release, but the VTAC account will be inaccessible at the 7am time of ATAR release (as visitors to the VTAC site are diverted to the Results and ATAR site). The VTAC account (and change of preference) becomes available again later that morning once traffic is lower, usually by 11am.


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