Introducing the VTAC Careers Hub

We are pleased to announce the opening of the VTAC Careers Hub. This new service, located at the VTAC offices in South Melbourne, has been developed by VTAC to address the needs of the wider community in access to quality careers counselling.

The VTAC Careers Hub provides one-on-one professional counselling, expert advice on study and pathway options, the application process, overcoming barriers, employability and skills, job search skills, and workshops.

The VTAC Careers Hub provides quality counselling in accordance with CICA professional standards. All counselling is provided by practitioners with postgraduate qualifications in Career Development and Education.

While we expect that most users of these services will be mature age applicants who no longer have access to counselling in a school setting, the VTAC Careers Hub also welcomes bookings from secondary school students. For students with high needs, or those who require counselling beyond the resources of the school, you may wish to refer them to the VTAC Careers Hub.

Fees apply for VTAC Careers Hub services to cover operating expenses, however consultations are free for a limited time during the launch period. Concession rates will apply for eligible clients.

For more information about the VTAC Careers Hub and services, visit the website, email, or call (03) 9926 1020.

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