Supplementary offers commencing

Alongside the release of February round 2 domestic offers today, the first set of supplementary undergraduate offers will be issued.

Supplementary offers are separate from the preference system, and only available to those applicants who have opted-in and not yet received a preference-based offer. Supplementary offers are made for courses which are not on the applicant’s preference list, which still have vacancies, and which the institution offers on the basis of the applicant’s results and areas of interest.

Students receiving one or more supplementary offers will receive a single email from VTAC listing the course(s) making a supplementary offer. The student can accept a maximum of one offer by contacting the institution as instructed.

Further supplementary offers will be issued on the same dates as February round 3 and 4 domestic offers.

The deadline to opt-in for supplementary offers was 5 February. It is no longer possible to opt-in for this selection period. An indicator in CourseLink shows whether a student had opted-in to the process or not, however individual supplementary offers are not displayed in CourseLink.

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