January Rd 1 domestic (and Rd 3 int’l) offers now available on CourseLink

Offers made in January offer round 1 domestic are now available to view on VTAC CourseLink. To download a report of offers made to your students in this round, log in to CourseLink, and select “Offer reports”. Select “January offer round 1 domestic” and press “Download”.

You will also see offer information when using the Student Data screens.

January offer round 3 international offers were also released today and are now available on CourseLink.

Accepting an offer: students receiving an offer have been emailed by VTAC advising them which course has been offered. Enrolment instructions will follow in the next couple of days, sent by email directly from the institution offering the course.

3 replies

    • Hi Jay,

      Are you referring to the stripped-down version of the website for offer release today? This will remain in place for a little while longer while load stabilises on the website. You should have full access to CourseLink via the link on the stripped-down homepage.


      • Hi Team – when I am in the “School Statistics” section, specifically, “Overall School Statistics”. It was working for a couple of minutes, but now I keep getting “System Error” and getting logged out. I’ll just try again a little later! Thanks 🙂

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