CourseLink update – temporary fix for PDF download

As our IT team continue to work on restoring full access, we have made changes to ensure all schools can download the PDF snapshot of their students, which includes the ATAR and preferences. To do so, login to CourseLink and go to the “Course preferences (all students)” link, then use the download button. This PDF can be saved to your device and printed if needed.

We are still working on providing access to the other reports, and will advise you via the blog when there are further updates. Thank you again for your patience in waiting to access results.

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  1. Hi VTAC staff,

    I just thought I’d let you know that I was able to access my school’s ATAR results at about 7:10pm tonight via the usual “Students” tab. I thought the IT issues must have been sorted by then and all schools would be able to access results. I will check those ATARs against the pdf file accessible via the “Course preferences (all students) tab described below to check that what I downloaded earlier was correct.

    Thank you for keeping us all updated regularly and for persisting with your problem solving efforts – much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Margie Jordan.

    • Hi Margie,

      Thanks for letting us know. Data accessed previously would have been correct – the issue was just that not everyone could access it due to the server issues.


  2. Thank you!! Appreciate your persistence.



    Leanne Paterson
    Career Practitioner
    Mount Eliza Secondary College
    Locked Bag 4
    Mount Eliza 3930
    Tel: 9787 6288

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the post above, the PDF download includes the ATAR.

      We will let you know when there are further updates.


  3. Can we get confirmation of what the codes are against pre req met in the pdf file? There seems to be a P, F, N/A options. Normally I’d check these against the kids study scores but we obviously aren’t getting access to these yet

  4. Hi all, the pdfs are awesome! Adobe is working well so I am able to use the fill and sign to make notes for counselling. Thanks for the explanations for letters in the prerequisites met- how is subject satisfaction different?

    • Hi Josie,

      Subject satisfaction checks that they are enrolled in the right subjects to potentially meet prerequisites, whereas prerequisite met indicates that they not only have the right subjects but also have met the minimum scores. (Subject satisfaction is intended for use prior to the release of results.)


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