Results service quick reference now available

In preparation for the release of results next month, the 2018 Results Service Quick Reference for Careers Practitioners is now available. This one-page PDF provides an overview of access methods for VCE Results and ATAR and answers to common questions.

Reminders for schools:

  • Any student with Unit 3 & 4 enrolments for this year can use the results services (e.g. Year 11 students completing a single Year 12 subject). They need to register for the results service and create a secure password.
    • A VTAC account is not needed to access results. Only students who are applying for tertiary courses commencing 2019 should have a VTAC account at this time.
  • Information about school access to ATAR information via CourseLink will be sent out shortly by email. Please log in to CourseLink and use the “Change my contact details” link to confirm that your email address and the Principal’s email address are up to date and correct.

Categories: ATAR and Scaling

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