New CourseLink report: one student per page PDF

The course preferences report in VTAC CourseLink has been updated to produce a PDF file when downloaded, listing each student’s preferences on a single page.

The single page view is designed to be easily printed or annotated digitally (e.g. on an iPad) for consultations with students and review of preferences.

To download the new report format, log into CourseLink and from the Student Information section select the course preferences report. Press the Download button and wait for your PDF to be generated. Please be patient as the report may take some time to generate, especially for schools with large Year 12 cohorts.

You can continue to view the report on the web by pressing the Generate Report button instead. Please note that only students who have submitted preferences appear in the course preferences reports.

Want to download an Excel file instead? You can continue to do this from the “Student Data” report. This change only affects the “course preferences” report.

Later this week we will also be adding the ability to download a one-page PDF (containing a specific student only) from the Student Details report. You may see this button appear as part of testing, however we will advise you when it is ready for use.

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