Policy clarification on how unscored studies contribute to the ATAR – 2019 and beyond

In November/ December 2017, VTAC reported that from 2019, the rules on how unscored studies can contribute to the calculation of the ATAR will be amended.

In that policy statement we indicated that unscored increments which previously contributed the average of the primary four, including those for unscored VCE VET and VFE block credit, will instead be calculated using 10% of the lowest study score of the primary four.

An unintended consequence of change is that in some cases the lowest study score could in fact be one of the English studies which is not only a compulsory requirement of the ATAR calculation, but also used as the first study in all instances.

This was never the intention of the policy.  As a point of clarification, VTAC wishes to advise that the policy has been updated as follows:

Unscored studies policy

To clarify, the compulsory English subject is embedded as the first of the primary four – regardless of scaled study score – and the remaining three subjects are listed in descending order of scaled study score. From 2019 onward, we will use 10% of the fourth listed subject of the primary four, irrespective of whether it is higher or lower than the scaled study score for English. see the below tables where 10% of the highlighted fourth subject would be used as an increment.

Primary 4 with English as lowest

Primary 4 with English as higher

Where there are two subjects from the English group present within the primary four, the higher of the two will be embedded at the top of the list, as per the below example:

Primary 4 two English

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