SEAS and Scholarships deadline and checking supporting documentation

SEAS and Scholarships applications close at 5pm, Friday 12 October. This deadline applies to both applications and all supporting documentation. No late applications or late documentation can be accepted.

We recommend that, where possible, students finalise their SEAS and Scholarships applications prior to the school holidays. This allows plenty of time for documents to be reviewed by VTAC, and applicants to re-upload more suitable evidence if advised that any documents are illegible/incorrect.

Applicants can check the status of all submissions themselves in their VTAC account:

  • The SEAS receipt PDF in the VTAC account shows a record of their application information including which categories were applied for, and the content of impact statements.
  • The “Submit SEAS/Scholarships Supporting Documents” page in the VTAC account has a section titled “Summary of Submitted Documents” which provides updates on the status of all submitted documents:
    • Uploaded documents, showing whether they were submitted for SEAS, Scholarships, or both; and whether the documents have been approved/rejected.
    • All online supporting statements which have been submitted via one-time login
    • The date on which any hard copy documents were received.

We strongly encourage all applicants to confirm that all documents have been received and all one-time logins used to submit statements well in advance of the closing date.

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