Reminder: generic supporting statements disadvantage students

“A good statement of support:

is personalised and specific to the applicant’s situation
briefly names and describes the condition or circumstance
provides a timeline of the disadvantage
provides current information on how the condition or circumstance have disadvantaged the applicant, and
details the impact the disadvantage has had on their education (Categories 3 and 4) or daily life (Category 2).”


VTAC has written to a small number of schools who have submitted generic statements in support of SEAS or Scholarship applications to discourage this practice. These generic statements, which provide the same text for multiple students, describe circumstances but are not able to discuss the educational impact on the individual who is applying for SEAS and Scholarships. These statements therefore limit the ability of the SEAS and Scholarships assessment panels to be fully aware of and grant the appropriate level of special consideration or scholarship consideration for these circumstances. This may result in a student receiving lesser or no consideration when they would have been eligible for more had an appropriate supporting statement been submitted.

While we cannot prevent schools from submitting generic statements of support, we wish to make it clear that these statements disadvantage students by not reflecting the educational impact specific to the individual. The educational impact of the same circumstances will be different for each student. All statements of support should be specific to the applicant.

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