August VTAC Gazette now available

The August VTAC Gazette is now available for download.

This edition includes all course amendments made in August 2018.

RMIT courses: STAT requirement no longer listed as ‘compulsory’

The STAT requirement for several RMIT courses was previously listed as compulsory in the ‘at a glance’ table displayed on VTAC CourseSearch, however this requirement was compulsory only for applicants in specific circumstances (no prior or recent qualifications).

The ‘compulsory’ label has been removed to better indicate that the requirement is not compulsory for all applicants. There is no change to the content of the STAT section for these courses other than the removal of the ‘compulsory’ label.

We apologise for any confusion caused by the presence of the compulsory label. A list of affected courses is available on the course updates page.

La Trobe Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical): now available to recent secondary graduates

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical) course offered by La Trobe University was initially available to current Year 12 students only. This has now been extended to include any other ‘recent secondary graduates’ (i.e. those who finished school in the last two years).


A full list of course amendments from all institutions is published on the course updates page and a monthly summary is available in the VTAC Gazette.

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