Invalid data? Check CourseLink

When current Year 12 students are creating a VTAC account, their first name, surname, date of birth, and student number must all match what has been recorded by the state curriculum board (e.g. VCAA in Victoria).

If these details do not match, the student will receive an “Invalid Data” message:

Victorian schools should check VTAC CourseLink to see the details listed for the student. Most commonly, the date of birth has been incorrectly registered on VASS, or a middle name is included in the first name field. Where incorrect data is listed on CourseLink, the student should:

  • Create a VTAC account using the incorrect name/date of birth as shown on CourseLink
  • Once the VTAC account is created, correct the details with VTAC:
    • For an incorrect date of birth, go to the “Personal Details” page in the VTAC account and use the “Date of birth” link to provide the correct date
    • For an incorrect name, go to the message centre (envelope icon) and use the “Email VTAC” link to send a message providing the correct name
  • Advise the school’s VCE coordinator so that the VASS details can also be corrected

Schools outside Victoria

For schools outside Victoria, information cannot be shown on CourseLink until the student has created a VTAC account, so the above troubleshooting process does not apply. If a student from outside Victoria is having difficulty creating a VTAC account, they should telephone VTAC Customer Service on (03) 9926 1020

Applicants not in Year 12

Account information is only verified during account creation for current Year 12 students. Applicants who have previously completed a Year 12 program do not need to provide a student number to create an account. Information about their educational history will be collected later, as part of the course application process.

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