CASPer resources – FAQs, webinars, Q&A

Altus Assessments, the manufacturer of the CASPer test, has made a number of resources available for this year’s testing cycle.

CASPer is a compulsory requirement for applying to many initial teacher education courses in Victoria. Courses that require applicants to sit CASPer will list it under the essential requirements section within the course information.

New FAQ for applicants and practitioners

A new FAQ is available here:

Screenshots of registration process

Screenshots of the CASPer registration process are available here:

Careers practitioner webinar recording

Altus ran a webinar in conjunction with Deakin University last month in relation to the CASPer test. The webinar recording is available here:

Q&As from webinar and ability to ask further questions

A document containing questions and answers from the webinar is available to download. Altus has also offered to field further questions from Victorian careers practitioners, which can be directed by email to Diana Ibranovic at Altus:

Student webinar – Tuesday 11 September, 2018

Altus will also be holding a student-facing webinar on 11 September at 8:00pm Melbourne time. This will cover tips on how to prepare for the test and what to expect. This will help students feel more comfortable going into the test on test day. Please promote this session to any interested students, who can register for the webinar here:

VTAC fact sheet

The VTAC initial teacher education fact sheet, first published last year, has been updated for this year’s selection period. Like all VTAC fact sheets, this can be downloaded from the Publications section of the VTAC website.


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