Access to ATAR profiles

As explained at the VTAC briefings, ATAR profiles are currently available as a link from each course entry. This is because of the requirement to include direct applications as well as those made through VTAC.

VTAC is seeking approval to display, in addition to the link which satisfies the HESP requirements, the data for VTAC applicants only as at Round 1. This information will be displayed directly in course entries as per previous years. We expect to be publishing this data on CourseSearch in the next couple of weeks, and will advise when this is available.

In the interim, you may find the 2018 ATAR Profiles report (PDF) useful as a quick reference for ATAR profile information from Round 1. This is available from the Reports and Statistics section of the VTAC website.

2 replies

  1. Hi. Can you please confirm that all six figures (highest, median and lowest both including and excluding adjustment factors) will be shown in course entries as opposed to just the lowest selection rank? Cheers Ingrid

    • Hi Ingrid,

      It is compulsory for courses to using the ATAR to publish the highest, median, and lowest ATAR.

      Under the government guidelines, publication of any selection rank information is optional, but all Victorian institutions have agreed to publish at least the lowest selection rank (with median and highest optional).


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