VTAC publications now online; arriving at schools shortly

2018 VTAC publications are now available in the Publications section of the VTAC website. Printed copies will arrive at Victorian schools from this week onwards. Schools will receive:

  • The VTAC Year 10 Guide (one copy for each Year 10 student): as in previous years, the Year 10 Guide provides a comprehensive overview of senior school study and its impact on tertiary options, as well as information about understanding the ATAR.
  • The VTAC Year 11 and 12 Guide (one copy for each Year 11 and Year 12 student) is a new publication which replaces the ABC of Applying. The Year 11 and 12 Guide provides information and activities about planning, researching, and applying for courses. It also includes a detailed guide to the application process.

Publications are addressed to “Careers Adviser” at the address registered for the school on VASS. You may wish to alert your school reception that these packages will be arriving shortly.

VTACmag will not be produced in 2018, so no ordering of publications by schools is needed. Publications are sent to Victorian schools automatically based on student enrolment figures.

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