Mid-year applications open; archive CourseSearch available

Mid-year applications are now open, with dates, fees, and deadlines available on the Dates and Fees page. Students who submitted a course application when they were in Year 12 last year and wish to re-apply at mid-year can pay a reduced reactivation fee using the same VTAC ID and PIN as last year.

The main CourseSearch link will only return courses which are accepting mid-year applications through VTAC.

Current secondary students wishing to research course options for main round applications should use the VTAC app which will continue to display archived information until the release of 2019 information. On a computer, they can use the Archive link on the VTAC homepage to view the full list of courses offered in 2018:

2019 course information will be published by 6 August 2018.



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2 replies

  1. I can’t seem to find the “Archive” link on the current VTAC website – is this active? Exactly where do I go to find this – can you post/send a link please? Thanks!

  2. Oops – sorry, my fault. Had been googling VTAC instead of typing in the URL and it was bringing up a slightly different home page (not sure why) – all good now!

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