2018 ATAR release date

2018 VCE Results and ATAR information will be available to students from 7:00am, Friday 14 December 2018. Release of results will be via the Results and ATAR app and website. More information about accessing results will be published by VTAC later in the year, and appear in the VCAA Exams Navigator publication.

We expect that change of preference for domestic students prior to Round 1 will close at 12pm on Wednesday 19 December, however this date is subject to confirmation. Full change of preference dates, including for international students, will be released later in the year.

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6 replies

  1. Thank you for this important update. On the note of the COP closing date for international students, is there any possibility of the date & time being extended until the Saturday 15 December by any chance?

  2. It would also help if the closing time for COP was 5pm so the students can see me for help during the day on the Wednesday. I really only have one COP day at each of my schools (Monday and Tuesday) as it stands.

  3. Why has COP for this year and 2017 been cut so short? I am at a very large school and such a short COP period makes it very difficult to provide adequate COP support. Closing COP at 5pm on Thursday would mean we could assist more of our students.

  4. I agree with Mandy’s comment regarding extending the COP time to 5pm if possible. With such a large cohort of Yr 12 students, this will ensure we can be available to as many students as possible in the short timeframe from ATAR release to the close of COP.

  5. Good point re a 5.00 pm finish. I have 300 students who can potentially call upon my help, and the COP period is always a blur. An additional 5 hours would be a godsend. As would a full 24 hours for my 33 internationals, many of whom have to communicate with me from another time zone. Would love you to consider the above suggestions!

  6. I agree with the sentiments above. Two and a half days is quite inadequate for COP, even if we invite students to contact us on the weekend. I would propose closing at 5.00pm on the Thursday as the earliest option.

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