ATAR Profile fact sheet available

As announced at VTAC’s Careers Practitioner Briefings in 2017, new data has been published as required by the Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group (IWG). For courses which made selection decisions based wholly or partly on the ATAR, the ATAR profile will be visible in CourseSearch.

Note that the IWG has simplified the format since a preview was presented at the briefings, and as a result the 25th and 75th percentiles are not included as in the examples in the briefing slides.

VTAC has produced a fact sheet to explain the changes and how to best make use of the new format, which is available to download from the Publications section of the VTAC website:

Note: The clearly-in ATAR and percent below are published above the new format for this year as a transitional measure.

2 replies

  1. Helpful information to have and a handy explanation of the ATAR Profile information.
    So my understanding is: SELECTION RANK = ATAR + adjustments
    I am a little confused though, the example profile table shows the Lowest Selection Rank as 83.70 and the Median as 80.25. Is this a typo? If not, I am not sure I have fully understood. Please help!

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for letting us know – that is indeed a typo as the median will always be higher than the lowest. I’ve passed your comment on to our publishing team so that they can upload a corrected version.


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