Newspaper publication information

For those applicants who gave permission at the time of application (or who subsequently granted permission via their VTAC account), offer information will be published in the following newspapers:

  • The Age (online only from 2pm today, Tuesday 16 January)
  • Casterton News (local area applicants only, in print on Wednesday 17 January)
  • Hamilton Spectator (local area applicants only, in print on Thursday 18 January)
  • Portland Observer (local area applicants only, in print on Friday 19 January)

It is too late to change newspaper publication permission settings, however applicants can check the “Course Application” page in their VTAC account to confirm the selection they have made. This information is also available on the individual student details page in CourseLink under the “Offer in press?” heading.

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  1. Despite so many of my students indicating a YES to have their offers published in the newspaper, their offers cannot be found on The Age link provided

    • Hi Jacky, if you are following the link in the email, just check the publication date – I had originally included a link to their 2017 interactive content instead. The correct link should be in the post above.

      If it’s the correct date on the page, could you please call or email Schools Liaison with some example students?


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