Student access to course offers

Round 1 offers for undergraduate courses will be released on Tuesday 16 January. Students will receive their offer advice:

  • by email, starting in the morning of Tuesday 16 January;
  • in their VTAC account from 2pm, Tuesday 16 January; and
  • (where permission was given) published in newspapers online from 2pm, Tuesday 16 January.

The offer advice from VTAC will specify the course that has been offered to the applicant. Enrolment instructions will follow, sent separately by the institution to the email address listed on the student’s VTAC application.

Please note that CourseLink may be unavailable between 12pm-4pm as offers are released to applicants. Course offers will be available to schools through CourseLink around 5pm.

(The above information, with the exception of newspaper publication, also applies to all other offer rounds.)

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4 replies

  1. Hi there

    As a new career practitioner do I have access to the offers at 5 pm the day of the 16th? It appears so as courselink closed 12 pm – 4 pm. Can you please clarify for me when career practitioners have access to the offers?





    Careers Co-ordinator and Science Teacher


    +61 3 9830 1388


    +61 3 9888 5682


    79 Balwyn Road

    Balwyn VIC Australia 3103


  2. There do not appear to be any Victorian newspapers with on-line links to 2018 Tertiary offers. I also asked at the newsagents and they had not been notified of any inserts.

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