Month: January 2018

Key 2018-2019 application dates

The following key dates are now available to assist schools with planning for the year: Applications open: Monday, 6 August 2018 Close of timely applications: Thursday, 27 September 2018 Close of SEAS applications: Friday, 12 October 2018 Close of Scholarship applications: Friday, 12 October 2018 Further dates will be available […]

ATAR Profile fact sheet available

As announced at VTAC’s Careers Practitioner Briefings in 2017, new data has been published as required by the Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group (IWG). For courses which made selection decisions based wholly or partly on the ATAR, the ATAR profile will be visible in CourseSearch. Note that the IWG has […]

Round 1 offers now available on CourseLink

Round 1 offer information is now available to schools through VTAC CourseLink. You can access offer information through the student details screen, or use the offer report interface for a summary of offers. The Terms and Conditions of CourseLink state that all data provided, including offer information, is for the […]

Newspaper publication information

For those applicants who gave permission at the time of application (or who subsequently granted permission via their VTAC account), offer information will be published in the following newspapers: The Age (online only from 2pm today, Tuesday 16 January) Casterton News (local area applicants only, in print on Wednesday 17 […]

Student access to course offers

Round 1 offers for undergraduate courses will be released on Tuesday 16 January. Students will receive their offer advice: by email, starting in the morning of Tuesday 16 January; in their VTAC account from 2pm, Tuesday 16 January; and (where permission was given) published in newspapers online from 2pm, Tuesday […]