Prerequisite changes to Federation University Nursing courses

Applicants for the following courses have been notified of a prerequisite change, raising the English prerequisite from 20 to 25:

3701810331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3701210331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3701210581 Nursing (Accelerated Program) (Bachelor Degree)
3701910331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3701910581 Nursing (Accelerated Program) (Bachelor Degree)
3701310331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3701310581 Nursing (Accelerated Program) (Bachelor Degree)
3700710331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3700710581 Nursing (Accelerated Program) (Bachelor Degree)
3700510331 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3700510581 Nursing (Accelerated Program) (Bachelor Degree)
3701810333 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3700710333 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
3700510333 Nursing (Bachelor Degree)

Prerequisite increases are not normally permitted after publication in VICTER for the relevant year, however this change for the current year has been permitted because it is a requirement of accreditation. Federation University apologises for this error.

Change of preference for domestic students closed at 12pm today. Applicants (domestic and international) who wish to update their preferences in light of this advice can do so on Thursday 4 January between 10am and 4pm.

Categories: Course Amendments

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  1. Hi
    Can you please post this on your FB page so that I may ‘share’ it.

    Kind Regards

    Ruth Brehaut

    Careers/MIPs Program Manager
    Narre Warren South P-12 College
    Ph: 03) 9704-3333 (ext 385)


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