ATAR 2019: Changes to how unscored studies contribute to the ATAR

As published in the November/December VTAC Gazette, and taking effect from 2019, the rules on how unscored studies can contribute to the calculation of the ATAR will be amended.
Unscored increments which previously contributed the average of the primary four, including those for unscored VCE VET and VFE block credit, will instead be calculated using 10% of the lowest study score of the primary four. For example:
Research undertaken by VTAC indicated that using the lowest scaled study score of the primary four, rather than the primary four average, was a closer match to what occurs for students with scored studies. It also showed that using the lowest study score of the primary four will ensure students with an unscored fifth or sixth increment are not disadvantaged over those who take a scored increment.
This change does not apply to higher education increments as part of the VCE or to the Legitimate One Year increment.

Categories: ATAR and Scaling

6 replies

  1. Does that mean that students enrolled in an unscored VET subject in 2018 will have this change applied to them or is it to 2019 enrolments onwards?

  2. Hi there

    Does this apply to School based Traineeships??? If so please can the information be amended to include these and circulated. Thanks

    • Hi Freda,

      As stated in the post above, this applies to all unscored increments which formerly contributed the average of the Primary 4. Whether or not School-based Traineeships are scored or unscored, or eligible for block credit towards the VCE at Unit 3/4 level, is a matter for the VCAA.


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