Working with the ATAR in CourseLink

When ATAR information is made available to schools for the purpose of preparing for course and careers counselling (as described by email on Friday 1 December), there is no separate ATAR report or file available in VTAC CourseLink. Instead, the ATAR field that already exists on the reports and downloads currently available will be populated:

Here is a reminder of how to complete commonly-used tasks at this time of year:

I want to…

…view an overview of all students’ ATARs: use the Student Details report.

…download an Excel file that includes students’ ATARs: use the Download button on the Student Details report.

…print out my students’ preferences and ATAR with one student per page: use the Download button on the Course Preferences report (see our screencast for details).

…review any other CourseLink accounts at my school in preparation for ATAR release: use the “Manage school user accounts” link in the “Account Management” box on the CourseLink homepage.


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