VTAC workshops at CEAV conference – correction

The titles of the VTAC workshops at the upcoming CEAV conference have been printed incorrectly in the conference program. The correct titles are:

Workshop 5: CourseLink Skills and VTAC Update (Thursday 30 November)
Presenters: Suzanne Connelly and Michael Ciesielski

This workshop aims to build practitioner skills in the use of VTAC CourseLink, VTAC’s portal for secondary schools. We will explain the various functions and reports available through CourseLink and show how to analyse and use the data provided in the course of careers counselling and reporting. The workshop will also include a general VTAC update, and information about change of preference and the ATAR.

Workshop 16: Understanding the ATAR Profile (Friday 1 December)
Presenters: Suzanne Connelly and Michael Ciesielski

This workshop will build practitioner understanding of coming changes to selection data and course information for tertiary courses as implemented by the Higher Education Standards Panel. We will discuss the ATAR and Selection Rank profile in detail and its use in counselling.

If you are attending the CEAV conference, please note this correction when deciding your workshop attendance.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I am enrolled in the CEAV PD on Thursday purely to attend the workshop on the non scored VCE and the impact on transition, which the below email says has been incorrectly advertised. This is a critical issue at our school. Attending the PD is a massive expense for a public school (enrolment fee plus covering our classes), and we only attend when workshops align to our school goals and student interest.

    Will this be covered in the new workshop at all, or has it changed completely?

    Dannielle Keogh


    Maroondah Careers Group

    Pathways Advisor,

    Mooroolbark College


    • Hi Danielle,

      The VTAC workshop content is as listed above. We notified the CEAV some time ago that the published titles were incorrect, and were advised that a correction would be sent to participants registered for the workshop.

      The non-scored VCE does not form part of the syllabus for the workshop, however we may have time to respond to questions about it during the VTAC Update portion of the workshop.


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