Documentation reminders

Statements of support

Where a statement of support is required for SEAS or Scholarships, it must follow the guidelines outlined in the Evidence section of the VTAC website and outline the educational impact of the situation or condition. These documents are not a suitable replacement for a statement of support because they do not address the impact:

  • Learning Difficulty Assessments
  • Learning Disorder Reports
  • Hospital discharge summaries
  • VCAA Special Provision applications
  • Referral letters between a GP and specialist
  • Pathology or X-ray results
  • Mental Health Action Plans

Rejected documention

Where uploaded documents do not meet the requirements for the category, they will be rejected, and the applicant will be notified so that they can upload a suitable replacement document prior to the closing date. The notification contains an explanation for why the document was rejected. This reason is also displayed in the VTAC account next to the uploaded document. If the student does not understand the reason, please contact VTAC on (03) 9926 1020 for further information.

Personal statement document uploads

As of this year, optional documents to support the VTAC Personal Statement can be uploaded through the VTAC account (previously these documents had to be posted in hard copy). A limit of 10 Personal Statement uploads per applicant applies. Note that there is no need for Personal Statement uploads where the applicant is not required to complete the VTAC Personal Statement (i.e. most current Year 12 students for most courses).

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