New VTAC app available – now FREE and with 2018 course information

We are pleased to announce that the updated VTAC app is now available for iOS and Android devices. There are a number of exciting changes:

  • The app is now named “The VTAC App” instead of “VTAC CourseSearch” to reflect the growing number of current and future features.
  • The app is now FREE to download and use to enable easy access to course information for all applicants.
  • The app now contains the Prerequisite and Course Explorer, allowing Year 10 students to download the app and experiment with VCE study programs and their course options. The app will update automatically with course information, so Year 10 students can download the app now and keep using it all the way through Year 12.
  • Course information for 2018 is now available in the app. This will also be available on the web version of CourseSearch from Monday 31 July.

To download the VTAC app, just search for VTAC in the app store on your device.

2020 prerequisite information (for students currently in Year 10) is now available through the Prerequisite and Course Explorer in the app and also in the 2020 Prerequisites PDF in the Publications section of the VTAC website. A printed version of these listings also appears in today’s Herald Sun newspaper.

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    • Hi Mandy,

      The VTAC app is for mobile devices and tablets. On a computer, please use CourseSearch through the VTAC website.


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