Advance notice: SEAS category order change

For 2017-2018 applications, the order of SEAS categories will change as follows:

  • Category 1: Personal information and location
  • Category 2: Disadvantaged financial background
  • Category 3: Disability or medical condition
  • Category 4: Difficult circumstances

(i.e. difficult circumstances has dropped down to become the last category.)

This change means that difficult circumstances, the broadest SEAS category, is now the final option presented to the applicant. In previous years and in usability studies, we have seen applicants enter medical or financial information as difficult circumstances because they were presented with that category before other, more specific categories. Now that difficult circumstances is the last category, the message for students is: “for any other circumstances beyond your control which have not already been covered in another category.”

Please note: Advance notice of this change is being provided to assist you when preparing materials for use throughout the year. The change does not take effect until after mid-year 2017 applications, so the VTAC website will not reflect this change until August.

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