Student access to offers

Accessing offer advice

Email: Offer emails for Round 1 will be sent from the morning of Wednesday 18 January, with all emails sent by 2pm.

VTAC account: Offer advice is also available on the VTAC website from 2pm.

VTAC CourseSearch app: Students who have downloaded the app and logged in with their VTAC ID will receive a push notification at 2pm when offer advice is available to view.

Newspaper websites: Students who have given permission at the time of application (or subsequently through their VTAC account) will have their offer published by The Age and the Herald Sun.

Note: Features of the VTAC account unrelated to offers will not be available for several hours during the offer release.

Key message for students

We strongly encourage applicants to always accept an offer they receive, even if they are hoping for a higher preference offer in a later round.

Accepting, deferring, or rejecting an offer has no impact on the likelihood of offers in future rounds. Every applicant will be considered in later rounds for any preferences higher than an offer they have already received.

Our video about offers explains this, and can be shared with students:

Change of preference

Change of preference will reopen at 10am the day after each offer round. Students should be reminded that there are no guarantees of offers in later rounds.

Common questions

How do students accept their offers?
The email notification from VTAC is offer advice only. It does not contain enrolment instructions. The institution making the offer will contact the student directly with instructions to accept and enrol.

What if the enrolment instructions do not arrive?
If a student has not received enrolment instructions from the institution within two days, they should contact the institution directly for advice. VTAC staff do not have access to enrolment instructions.

A student didn’t receive an email but there is offer advice in their VTAC account. Is it valid?
Yes, the email may have been trapped by a spam filter or the student may have used an email address which is no longer active. The offer advice sent by email and in the VTAC account is the same.

A student received no offers and realised that they did not pay the application fee. What can they do?
The student can log in to their VTAC account from 10am, Thursday 19 January and make a special late payment ($50), which will make them eligible for any offers from Round 2 onwards. Note that this option is only available if they had previously lodged a course application (i.e. put in some preferences but then forgot to pay).

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