FAQ: Results access via CourseLink

A couple of recurring queries from this evening:

How to view all students, not just VTAC applicants:

Use the Students screen (first option on the CourseLink main menu). The course preferences report only shows students with preferences entered (i.e. VTAC applicants).

How to download in a particular format

The Students screen Download button creates an Excel file.

The course preferences report Download button creates a text file (for printing one-per-page in Microsoft Word).

How to see Higher Education Extension studies

Individual Higher Education results are not available through CourseLink, however on the ATAR tab of a student, you will be able to see whether a Higher Education study has contributed as an increment.

Location restrictions for student access

Location restrictions are currently in place for resultsandatar.vic.edu.au which prevent the site from being loaded outside Australia. These restrictions will be lifted at 7:15am on Monday morning, so any students who are currently overseas will not be able to access their ATAR and results online for the first 15 minutes of release only.

This measure is in place to reduce the risk of a Distributed Denial of Service attack on the results service.

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