ATAR release FAQ for careers practitioners

Is it ok to invite the media to my school on the day of ATAR release?

VTAC cannot stop any school inviting anyone onto their grounds, however the ATARs are released for the purpose of counselling and such a blatant marketing strategy may lead to the perception that the early release is being used for other purposes than the primary objective.

If a school arranges for the media to meet with individual students prior to the embargo time, this will be deemed a breach of the terms and conditions. See FAQ 4.


Is it ok to invite students to the school on the morning of the release of ATARs?

Of course; it’s an exciting time. However, we suggest you consider the following: Students would need to receive their invitation before 3pm on Sunday 11 December or after 10am on Monday 12 December. Any contact outside of those times, in relation to their ATARs will be in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Ensure that all students and not just possible ‘high achievers’ are invited. This will ensure there is no perception that your school is using the early ATAR access for any other purpose than counselling.


The media turn up at the school and want to interview students, what should I do?

Get the permission of the students in isolation to the media – remember you can’t contact students prior to the 10am embargo. It’s a good idea to have permission from the student in writing.


The media phone/turn up at 7am on Monday morning and want to know the ATAR dux of the school, what should I do? I have all students’ permissions.

All personal data, even with permissions, is embargoed until 10am on Monday 12 December. Any distribution of identifiable data will be in breach of the terms and conditions.


A parent calls to ask about their child’s results. Am I able to disclose their ATAR?

Not without the student’s permission. The ATAR is owned by the student and VTAC and only released to the school for the specified purposes. If a parent already knows the ATAR (e.g. brings the Statement of Results and ATAR statement to the school for discussion), you can explain the information that they already have.


Can I send ATAR information to all Year 12 teachers for their information?

Not unless you have gained the students’ prior written permission for this specific audience and purpose.


Do these conditions apply to information about students’ offers and enrolment when that becomes available later?

Yes, the Terms and Conditions of CourseLink apply to all confidential data, including personal details, results, offers, and enrolment status.


What can I do with individual VCE scores?

Conditions of use for VCE subject results are set by the VCAA, not VTAC. It is the school’s responsibility to comply with the VASS terms of use and any other relevant agreements with the VCAA.


Emailed queries:

We will add future queries by email that are generally applicable here.

A quick clarifying question please: am I allowed to discuss broadly our school’s ATAR results (with absolutely no names mentioned) with staff prior to 10am on Monday 12th?

Yes, you are permitted to broadly discuss your school’s results (with absolutely no names mentioned) with the staff. What you are proposing seems perfectly normal and is also permitted to be released to the media from 7am.


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