Schools forum on education agents – Monday 28 November

We have received a number of concerning reports about the conduct of education agents in relation to VTAC accounts and applications. Primarily this has been an issue for international applicants.

VTAC has already sent a message to known education agents reinforcing the terms and conditions of the VTAC applications, and made this letter available for schools to use from the Careers Practitioners Website.

In developing a broader response to this issue in the future, we are seeking input from schools who have been affected by their students’ use of education agents to complete the VTAC course application.

We would like to invite representatives from all interested schools to a forum at VTAC to share experiences and offer input into potential future solutions. The forum will be held at the VTAC office in South Melbourne at 9:30am, Monday 28 November. To RSVP for this forum, fill out the online form: Please RSVP by Wednesday 23 November.

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to any relevant staff even if they are not directly involved in careers (e.g. Director of International Students).

If you are unable to attend the forum but have experience with international education agents, we would greatly appreciate any written feedback or comments you are able to provide to

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