FAQ: SEAS closing date 5pm tonight, Tuesday 4 October

Welcome back after the break. A reminder that SEAS applications and supporting documentation are due by 5pm tonight, Tuesday 4 October 2016. Here are some common scenarios to assist with any last-minute troubleshooting:

A student who has experienced disadvantage has not yet applied for SEAS

Apply now. The deadline of 5pm, Tuesday 4 October cannot be extended. If supporting statements are required, use the online submission method or document upload to ensure that the statement is received by the closing date.

A student has not yet submitted a required supporting statement

Submit ASAP – all documentation must be received by the closing date. Use the online submission of supporting statement, or upload a scanned document.

A student is not sure whether a requested statement of support has been provided

The student can check their VTAC account to confirm the status of one-time logins. Go to SEAS > Statement of support, and there will be a list of all generated one-time logins, with the text “Not used” or “Submitted” depending on status.

A provider has not received an email requesting statement of support

The student can retrieve the one-time login and password from their VTAC account (SEAS > Statement of support), and send them directly to the provider with the statement of support link: https://delta.vtac.edu.au/appView/support/login

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